Developing insight to turn hindsight into foresight

The Mentoring Process

DEC is with you every step of the way, while Mentors and Mentees become better versions of themselves..

DEC’s success is based upon a proven mentoring process that occurs through several phases.  Our method is unique and personalized and our mentoring team will guide your organization from initial planning and design all the way to program evaluation. Internal program leads are guided through specific steps to make certain that the program is tailored to your organization’s specific needs.  This level of customization ensures buy-in and success.

As part of our unique approach, DEC combines standard and variable elements to create a truly custom and dependable experience. This formula makes certain your pairs are matched, trained and nurtured to achieve the goals established for your specific program. DEC associates are experts in the field of mentoring and we help you to design the perfect program for your company so that your employees get to the next level quickly and competently. An additional benefit to DEC's program is that we get to see the undercurrent of your company from an outside perspective. DEC finds and sees trends that your leaders can't see because of the varied departments and divisions we work with. This helicopter view of what is going on in your organization, both good and bad, allows business leaders and HR to leverage data to be more strategic in their actions.



I cannot sufficiently express my appreciation for all that you and your team have done over the last three years to support this Mentoring program.  I feel I have received as much if not more from this program than my Mentees.  It is eerie how the paring process works.  I have found amazing similarities with my various Mentees, not only in background, but in beliefs, values and behaviors.  I see areas of improvement in myself that I may have missed if not involved as a mentor.  Holding the mirror up to others is also very self-revealing.

I have seen an amazing amount of growth in the three individuals that I have mentored over the last three years. I do not believe I have any right to claim credit for their achievements, but still I cannot help but be filled with pride and satisfaction upon learning that one of these associates is recognized, awarded, promoted or simply complimented. 

I believe that Mentors and Mentees alike are provided with the insight needed to achieve their full potential through DEC's training and program.  I am optimistic that we will have many more associates in our organization that simply need a little push and support to help them achieve their fullest potential.  I look forward to continued participation, and thoroughly support the program. 

Edward C. Groleau                        
Senior Director, Maintenance
Irvine Company