Developing insight to turn hindsight into foresight

Phases of the Program

Planning & Design
During this phase we meet with your operations and HR groups to determine timelines and objectives of the organization.

Program Customization
There are several areas we customize your program starting with the company portal and extending to the planning timeline, size of the group, program content, training materials, benchmarks and more.

Recruitment & Application Process
We work with you to recruit your employees to the program and to choose the exact people you want to promote.  Our application process is customized to your company needs.

We have a truly unique and proprietary matching program that has proven year-over-year to produce high-quality, successful matches.

Our DEC facilitators train your mentors how to handle every possible problem or challenge that could arise during the mentoring partnership.  The mentees are trained on how to make the most of their mentoring experience with best practices and a wide array of tools and resources. DiSC is also available as part of the training experience.

Program Launch
The Program Launch sets the stage for an enriching experience for all participants. It provides an overview of the program, trains the mentees and mentors and allows the partners to begin an authentic conversation and in-depth analyses of what they want to achieve together.

Program Events
Another unique element of the DEC program is our ongoing structured support of mentors and mentees. Through various events, together with program sponsors we are able to meet participant needs in a variety of ways that has proven successful.

Program Monitoring
One of the hallmarks of the DEC program is the on-going monitoring process where experts engage both Mentors and Mentees to insure both progress and satisfaction throughout the program. And when necessary our certified experts are able to provide the coaching and support necessary to handle even the most surprising situations.

Program Evaluation
Right from the beginning DEC works with you to establish clear, achievable and measureable goals. By starting with the end in mind we are able to ensure short-term progress and long term ROI.   Because we are as committed to success as you are, we provide the tools and processes necessary to ensure you know how the program performs against objectives.